“Dear Angie, you have been most supportive, patient and kind and I cannot have seen our wedding day happening without you. Your help was invaluable throughout the planning process and while you were there on the day to oversee everything coming together it felt like you were also our dear guest. We were very lucky to have you with us from day one! Thank you for everything you have done to help us make our wedding day so special.
Our great thanks go to Paul and Jayne. They are absolutely brilliant – as people and as hosts. We are immensely grateful to Paul for all the extra effort he put into helping us organise and set up, for all his patience and kindness. Jayne was a star – from a warm hello in the morning while cooking breakfast to a helping hand in the coming day to the wedding. We do owe Paul and Jayne for how comfortable, cosy and at ease our day felt and each and every guest had only the best things to say about the venue.
The venue was splendid and everything we ever wanted – an outside feel of a country house with a warm and chic but relaxed interior. From superbly comfortable beds and spacious showers to a stunning garden that now adorns our wedding photos, there was not a single fault we (or anyone really) could find. So much lovely space and joyful air to celebrate both inside and outside is the dream of every bride (and groom!).
Thank you a million times for seeing to that we got married 🙂 and for wonderful breakfasts!
And the best night’s sleep 🙂