Your First Dance

first dance

The first dance at weddings has taken quite a turn in the last decade. While it may once have been met with some anxiety, the first dance now is a time to shine. Couples have been taking their first dances to new heights with choreographed shows including the wedding party becoming a centerpiece for their big day and why not. There’s certainly no denying now just how important and of course, how exciting the first dance is so let’s take a look at just what’s involved and how you can make sure it goes off without a hitch.

First and foremost, you need to find the perfect song for you; it’s your wedding day after all so it’s only right that your chosen song represent the two of you as a couple. Whether it’s silly or serious, find your perfect song and stick with it. We’ve known couples to salsa dance to their favourite Spanish inspired song and even some to grab their friends and make it a joint effort. It’s all about what works for you. On that note, if you’re not the sort of couple who enjoy taking centre stage, the perfect way to deflect the attention and still get to enjoy yourself is by getting your nearest and dearest involved. It’s ideal for getting the party started too and ensuring everyone’s up on the dancefloor. Whether you choose to do a routine with the girls or have the guys hustle round you as you swoon over your partner, it’s always going to be a case of “the more the merrier”. Struggling with ideas? Think flash mob and you simply can’t go wrong.

Now before we build you up too much, we thought we’d rein it in a little by reminding you that it’s important to know your limits; for the sake of your sanity on your big day of course. While the Dirty Dancing lift may seem like the perfect way to display your union, if you’re not a dancer or at least have some kind of dancing background (and of course a partner willing to lift you), then it’s best to stick to something a little less likely to end in a trip to A&E. Let’s not forget, there’s still plenty of time for merry relatives to attempt this and believe us, they more than likely will.

With that in mind, can we just remind you that your first dance isn’t meant to be perfect? Unless the pair of you are professionally trained dancers, then trying to be perfect is just silly. While the dirty dancing lift may be off limits (because it’s a health hazard), having fun with your friends and enjoying your first dance certainly isn’t. Miss a beat or forget the next step? So what! Who cares? Just keep on smiling and show everyone just how happy you are on your big day. We guarantee everyone will be fixated on your smile, not whether or not you got the dance right! Your first dance should be about having fun, enjoying yourselves as a new happy couple and allowing everyone to see just why you said “I do” in the first place.


Top tips from one of our resident DJ’s


Are you looking for some hints and tips for your wedding music?  We thought we’d get some ideas from one of our resident DJ’s, Andy from Herts Events.  We hope you find this helpful!


TAPHi Andy! As a resident DJ of That Amazing Place we thought it’d be a great idea to come to you and have a little chat! We’re after some top tips for our lovely couples! Are you ready for a little Q&A?

Andy – I certainly am; go for it!


TAP How long have you been DJ’ing here at That Amazing Place? 

Andy – I’ve been a resident DJ for the last 6 months and I couldn’t be more proud to supplying the entertainment for such a fantastic venue. Of all the venues I’ve played at over the last few years TAP is by far my favourite. It’s got beautiful scenery, it’s stunning inside and out and has such fantastic welcoming staff.


TAPWe’re guessing you’ve seen a fair few blushing brides and handsome grooms in your time? Any favourites?

Andy – Having started out as a full time DJ in 1998 I’ve had the pleasure of playing at hundred’s of weddings but the one that always sticks in my mind happened last year. The bride and groom began their first dance, The Ed Sheeran classic “ Thinking Out Loud”. Two minutes into the song, the music suddenly slowed down and stopped, all the guests were looking around expecting it to be a technical fault but little did they know it was all planned. I then had to start a completely different song, “Footloose”, all organised of course, while the bride then proceeded to push the groom off the dance floor. It was then that she was joined by 16 of her friends (from her hen party). They performed a superb dance routine with the bride front and centre. It looked fantastic and all the guests really got into it. I remember thinking to myself how lucky the groom was, he managed to escape a full first dance and keep his new wife happy!


TAP How important is the DJ to the wedding?

Andy – A wedding DJ has become so much more than the person who stands behind the speakers and plays music.  We now often guide you and your guests through the reception, from introducing the bride and groom to letting your guests know when the food’s served, to entertaining them and keeping them on the dance floor into the late night, choosing music is truly a talent in order to ensure things so smoothly and connect with all guests, of all ages too.


TAP Would you advise couples to meet with a wedding DJ before the big day?

Andy – I personally always offer to meet couples that enquire for my services but sometimes it’s just not possible.  In these cases, I suggest chatting on the phone, this way you can discuss what your requirements are and more importantly the style of music that you’d like to hear on your special day. I can also get a feel for you and your style too which I think is just as important.


TAP Have you got any tips for some undecided couples when it comes to picking their first song?

Andy – It’s important for your first dance to mean something unique to the bride and groom. Every couple has that special song that reminds them of when they first met / fell in love. Whether it’s super slow, fast, anything, it doesn’t matter as long as it means something to you!


TAPWhat would you say is the perfect genre of music that ticks all of the boxes on the big day or is it a great idea to mix it up?

Andy – In my experience the most popular genre’s from the last few years are Kisstory and the 80s/90s party classics but every wedding is different from the last and that’s why I love my job so much. You never know what you are going to have to play until you meet the guests, For me, there is nothing quite like seeing a packed dance floor full of people having fun, no matter what the music.


TAPWhen it comes to organising a wedding, no matter how many helpful hands are on deck, a little stress will always ensue. Do you have any tips for keeping things simple and easy to manage?

Andy – Its natural to stress a bit when organising something as important as a wedding. I’d suggest once you set your date and book your venue, make sure you secure all the services you need quickly, a good supplier will always be in demand and to avoid disappointment you need to book early. Don’t forget to ask the event’s manager, they’ll have a list of trusted suppliers if you get stuck.


TAP Last but most certainly not least, what’s your ultimate top tip for any couple reading this about to begin organising their big day?

Andy – DO NOT hesitate to book your wedding at That Amazing Place. Angie and the team are superb and will assist you through every step of your big day; this really is a special place to get married.