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When it comes to booking your dream wedding, choosing the ultimate venue can be incredibly difficult especially when there are so many to choose from. For the vast majority here in the UK however, a country house wedding is the ultimate dream. With an environment that feels like home, away from the hustle and bustle of the city – what could be better? For those who may never have considered a country house wedding however, we thought we’d share some of the benefits of our Essex countryside wedding venue.

Why should you choose our Essex countryside wedding venue?

Location – when it comes to searching for the perfect wedding venue, one of the biggest attractions of That Amazing Place is its location. Away from the rat race of the city, you’ll find yourself surrounded by the glorious countryside and endless rolling hills. The views just don’t get much better. Clean air, a peaceful and calm feeling will surround you, not to mention the stunning architecture of our country manor house.

country house wedding

Sweeping landscapes in our Essex country house wedding venue.
Photo credit: James Rouse

Exclusive use – unlike many country house wedding venues, here at That Amazing Place, we offer you total exclusivity and by that we mean exclusive use of our entire venue for your big day. Our exclusive use venue will guarantee that not only will you enjoy the entire venue without the hassle of unexpected visitors but you’ll also enjoy the full attention of our staff for the duration of your celebration. With our countryside wedding venue, you’ll enjoy complete privacy and a wedding venue that’ll feel like home.

Accommodation – here at That Amazing Place you can enjoy everything and everyone, all in one place. Not only do we have the perfect setting for your wedding, be it a summer wedding in the sunshine or an intimate twilight wedding in the evening, but we also have a limited number of deluxe rooms, which means a select few of your guests can enjoy staying in the luxury surrounds of our beautiful manor house. Add to this the fact that you get to enjoy breakfast with all your loved ones the next morning, a second celebration for some, and it’s quite simply perfect.

Wedding Photography – last but most certainly not least, we have your wedding photography. There’s nothing quite like the backdrop of the Essex countryside to really finish off your wedding memories. Whether it’s the frost filled meadows or the sun shining on the surrounding trees, such a natural and green filled backdrop creates the perfect setting for those all-important memories.

country house wedding

An Essex country house wedding
Photo credit: Harvey Collard

If you’re in search of the perfect countryside wedding venue then you need look no further. Nestled in the heart of Essex, That Amazing Place offers a range of wedding packages to suit any budget but don’t just take our word for it, come along to our wedding venue open day Sunday 30th April to see for yourself.