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Wedding Planning On Your Lunch Break!

Wedding Planning On Your Lunch Break!

When you work a full time job, spend time with family and friends, partake in your favourite hobbies, even hit the gym on a regular basis, finding the time to plan a wedding can seem almost impossible. That is until you’re introduced into what we like to a call a little lunch break wedding planning. That’s right! We’ve got the ultimate checklist to help you get things done on what can only be described as your only downtime during the day – your lunch break. Think about it, you’re at your most productive at your work desk so why not utilise that productivity a little when it comes to planning your wedding?

The Dress – for any bride, finding the dream dress is a hugely important, if not the most important, part of the wedding. Searching for the right dress however, isn’t without its fair share of stresses and let’s not forget the endless hours searching for the perfect gown. It can be made a whole lot easier however, by first understanding that what you think you want and what you’ll end up with may be slightly different but of course it pays to do a little investigative work. This is easily done from your smartphone on the commute, or from your office desk at lunch. Whether it’s Pinterest or your favourite boutique, choose your favoured dress style and find the nearest places that stock it. Gather a few questions to ensure you’ve got all the information from your very first boutique visit and you’ll have everything you need to make it quick, easy and done in your lunch time.

Finding Wedding Suppliers – while this may sound like a mammoth task, one that simply couldn’t be achieved without hours of phone calls and planning, we’re here to tell you it couldn’t be further from that. Why? Because we’ve gone out of our way to collate a full list of wedding suppliers from florists, to make up artists, entertainment to photographers. Having worked with these suppliers before, we can not only recommend them but we can proudly say we’ve seen and vetted the quality of their work for you. What’s more, all of these suppliers have spent time working here at our wedding venue already which means not only are they used to the venue, but they know what works best too. Now if that doesn’t make your wedding planning easier, we’re not sure what will.

Write Your Invitations – it’s a job that gets put off until the very last minute but one that doesn’t need to be. You’re already at your desk so why not write out your invitations. For those who dread the drudgery of such a task, why not start early and simply write a few a day. It’s a job that can be made so simple, it almost goes unnoticed.

Organise Your Seating Plan – once again, this is an area in which we can help make things a million times easier. Yes, they’ll always be guests you’ll want to keep apart or together, an extra plus one here and there that you’ll need to accommodate but for the most part, this is where we can take a lot of weight from your shoulders by showing a variety of seating plan options when it comes to seating plans, depending on your amount of guests. All that’s needed from you is to seat your guests exactly where you want them, which we think you’ll agree, is the perfect little lunch-time task.