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wedding planning

If you’re reading this, then you’ve already taken the biggest step when it comes to wedding planning, you’ve sought the help and advice of someone in the know. Now, here at That Amazing Place, we aren’t afraid of blowing our own trumpet every now and then. We’ve been hosting weddings for happy couples here at our country manor house, from up and down the country for quite some time now and as such, have gained some invaluable knowledge when it comes to wedding planning itself. We know that a great deal of brides take on much of the organisation however, grooms are becoming more and more involved so we thought we’d share a few wedding planning tips for the grooms out there to make things easier on the bride and help with that all-important big day!

Let’s get suited and booted – so many men think they’ll walk into a shop, grab a suit to buy or hire and that’s it. They do however, usually find themselves pleasantly surprised at the array of different styles available. For some, one style and/or colour will jump out immediately, for others however, it can feel a little daunting. This is where going to the right place will help.

Tinker, tailor…you catch the drift – going to a professional will make this process so much easier. Not only will you have access to some of the best designs out there but you’ll also be privy to a well-trained eye who’ll be able to point you in the right direction when it comes to dressing your shape, height and size. Nothing says perfectly finished groom quite like a professionally dressed man. Lastly, we know there’s always a great debate when it comes to whether to hire or buy. Just remember, choosing to buy your groom’s suit doesn’t mean you can’t hire them for your groomsmen.

What about your wedding ring – it’s a question asked by many grooms, whether you’ll be wearing a wedding ring or not. While some choose not to, others absolutely want to. If you are, then you need to decide whether you’d like having coordinating rings with your partner or having a ring of your own personal choice. You also need to make sure you buy your rings in plenty of time to allow for any size adjustments necessary. No one wants to be fumbling at the alter with a ring that’s too small or too big for that matter.

Speech! Speech! – while a bride always seems to escape this nerve-wracking task, the groom must make a speech, whether it’s a short, sharp and to the point effort or a longer, more in-depth heartfelt speech. Depending on the type of person you are, you’ll want to plan in plenty of time. For those who find public speaking easy, then an off-the-cuff effort may be just the ticket but be sure to jot down a few notes to show yourself an order in which you’ll want to make your thanks and references.

For more information on wedding planning, where to start and what to focus on, contact us today at That Amazing Place, the finest country house wedding venue in Essex.