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The honeymoon, while not the most important day of your life, certainly comes a close second, which makes getting it right very important indeed. Let’s face it, after the stress you would have no doubt felt at some point while planning your wedding, a relaxing and stress-free honeymoon is just the ticket. To help things along, we thought we’d share some of the best advice we’ve heard to help you plan the perfect honeymoon.

Timing is essential –We know a great deal of couples have their dream destination in mind but there is of course, only certain times of the year in which you can attend said dream destination and still enjoy the hot glistening weather or even the cold, cool powder on the slopes; this makes timing essential. It’s also incredibly important in terms of finances too. Planning your wedding too soon will simply mean that not only do you have to gather the finances to cover the wedding, but it will also mean much less time for you to gather the finances for your dream honeymoon too. Giving yourself more time will mean more money to spend on both, making the honeymoon you dreamed of well within reach.

Budgeting – This moves on from our above mention of timing. By giving yourself enough time to put together a sensible budget, you’re helping yourself to ensure any plan will unfold as it should. Budgeting is often spoken about when talking about the wedding but it must also be focused upon when discussing the honeymoon. It’s best to consider it one big budget for the both. By including the honeymoon within the budget, you’ll find it much easier to make a little saving here or there in order to spend on other areas of more importance. Whether you make a saving by changing flight timings to spend more on your florist or vice versa, you’ll find yourself much happier for it

Choose your perfect destination – Many couples have a dream destination in mind but if you don’t, picking the destination is all part of the fun. It can sometimes become tricky when one person wants a beach and the other wants to hike on mountains but it doesn’t mean you can’t both get what you want. It’s simply a matter of looking for a package that provides exactly what you both want; team it with a big glass of wine while you trawl the internet and it can actually make for a rather fun evening of endless possibilities.

Make it count for you – When it comes to your wedding, it’s super easy to fall into the trap of thinking that everything needs to be super glam and ultra luxurious and while a little extra special treatment never goes a miss, it isn’t a must and most certainly isn’t what’s going to make your honeymoon. Weddings can often be incredibly stressful to organise which makes a honeymoon all the more important to really sit back and relax. So if there’s something you’ve always wanted to do but can’t quite afford it along with the first class lounge visit, think about what’s more important for you and just…well, enjoy!