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When it comes to your wedding music, are you struggling to decide what would be best? Perhaps one of you wants a DJ and the other wants a band? Whichever the reason for your indecision, here’s everything you need to know about choosing the right music for your big day. There’s no doubt about it, music can quite simply make or break a wedding. We’ve all seen the famous scene in Love Actually when the wedding DJ solidifies his existence as the worst DJ in history with his last song choice. Music should be thought of as the heart and soul of a wedding; which makes hiring the right person the hardest thing to do. So how can a couple decide what it is they want? Well it all starts by asking yourselves a few simple questions such as what’s your budget? What space do you have to play with? What sort of wedding vibe are you going for? Let’s look at everything you need to consider…

What’s Your Wedding Vibe? As anyone no doubt knows, the type of music you pick will have a huge impact on the overall tone of your wedding and more often than not, it’s what most people will remember. Think about what you want your day to represent. How you want it to feel and go from there.

Do They Offer Variety? Whether you choose a DJ or a Band, you need to know that they offer variety. You’ll want a good mix of fast and slow songs as well as tunes from different eras. Can a band offer the variety you need? Likewise, will a DJ offer the mix of eras you’re after?

What’s Your Budget? Budget will always come into every aspect of your wedding, including your wedding music. Perhaps the band you always dreamt of are out of budget however, a DJ could play their songs for you? Or maybe just maybe, your favourite R&B music that you’d have expected a DJ to play could actually be played by a tribute band. Look at your budget before anything else, and then look at what’s available.

How Much Space Do They Have? This may sound like a silly question but it will certainly have an affect on your choice. If you have a limited amount of space, you’ll be unlikely to fit a whole band in without taking over vital dance floor space that your guests would want to enjoy. This is perhaps where a DJ would come in handy. Likewise, if you have a lot of space to play with, then that favourite band of yours could be the perfect choice after all.

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A Few Last Tips: Last but most certainly not least, whomever you choose, do make sure you see them live first. As heartbreaking as it is to believe, reviews can be written by friends, recommendations made by someone who has different taste or expectations to you. Going to see them live yourselves will be the best way to ensure they’re exactly what you’re looking for. Here at That Amazing Place, we’re honoured to have the fabulous Piano DJ as our house DJ offering live band style music and DJ spots. For more information on this amazing set-up or for more information on our country house wedding venue, simply contact us today.