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Many seem to think that the mere thought of an intimate wedding implies a lack of grandeur and luxury but here at That Amazing Place, we couldn’t disagree more. Some of our more memorable weddings have been those, taking place in the stunning setting of our grand manor house with only a small gathering of close friends and families to share the special moment. In fact, many couples are now choosing to keep things super simple with an intimate wedding, for fear of costs spiraling out of control. Intimate weddings have even been said to help ensure the marriage itself remains the focus of the day, as opposed to the party. So if you’re teetering on the edge of whether an intimate wedding is for you, you might want to check out just what we have to say below when it comes to the benefits associated with a smaller scale day.


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With a smaller, more intimate wedding (usually less than 50 guests), you’ll find your budget stretches that much further. This is perfect for those couples who want to enjoy complete luxury but may not have the funds to accommodate 100 plus attendees. Here at That Amazing Place, we offer an array of packages to suit the most intimate of weddings which means you not only have options in terms of guests and wedding size, but you also have options in terms of how much you wish to spend.


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Easier To Plan

It’s a simple fact that planning a wedding for a smaller amount of guests will of course be much easier. Now, we’re not saying it’s going to be totally stress-free because after all, a wedding is still a wedding. It’s safe to say however, that planning a wedding for a much smaller amount of guests won’t require the same level of preparation as a much larger wedding would. You may even find yourself on the receiving end of a few “whirlwind” dates, thanks to cancellations that require a quick turnaround.


Keep Things Informal

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Intimate weddings also tend to suit couples who may not want the most formal of occasions. Having a smaller wedding can help ensure your big day is a much more relaxed affair and as such, the lead up to a more relaxed affair is often more relaxed too. You’ll find there are generally less expectations of a smaller wedding and couples are free to set their own agenda, so whether you’re after a hot buffet instead of a wedding breakfast or a sit-down meal, it’s all down to you to decide.


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Keep Things Super Personal

As we mentioned above, intimate weddings tend to be less formal. This also makes it much easier to keep your day super personal. Smaller weddings are much easier to keep unique and more about you. Always wanted to make your own invitations? Then you’ll find it much easier to do so with just 50 guests as opposed to 100 plus. Have fun with the flower arrangements, wedding favours and whatever else you want to try your hand at – better yet, enjoy a much smaller bill when you hand it over to some of our preferred suppliers.