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Katie & Darren Say “I Do” At Our Essex Wedding Venue

Katie & Darren Say “I Do” At Our Essex Wedding Venue

Katie and Darren are our latest couple to feature in our real wedding series and we couldn’t wait to share their big day with you. This happy couple met 8 years ago on, as Katie says, “before it was ‘the norm’ to meet people online, before the days of swiping right, so we actually told people we met through mutual friends.” Katie remembers thinking instantly on their first date that Darren would fit right in around the Christmas dinner table with her family and Darren himself couldn’t believe how much they had in common. It’s fair to say they hit it off instantly. So without further delay, let’s take a look at their sensational day right here at That Amazing Place, our beautiful Essex wedding venue.

Wedding Photo At That Amazing Place Essex Wedding Venue For Darren And Katie

Photo Credit: Paul’s Studio

The Venue

There were a number of reasons that Katie and Darren chose That Amazing Place, one aspect was that it was the “perfect blend of old and new.” They were huge fans of the décor, even going so far as to say that they’d decorate their own home like it. Katie said, “we loved the grounds and felt like the inside and outside ceremony options were bothlovely. At some venues we felt like you were pushed outside and the inside option was rubbish. The fact that it had bedrooms onsite was an awesome bonus too.”

Katie and Darren had high standards from the start, Katie even claimed to be, “one of those people who never enjoyed her own party but I have to say that WE LOVED OUR WEDDING! From the outset, Angie was a total rockstar;add Lizzie from Magpie into that mix and you have the perfect combo. Nothing was ever too much trouble, they both had great ideas and answered emails late and even on weekends.”

On the day itself, the happy couple described it as “perfect” which coming from Katie, was huge. “I’m a Virgo and work in the business; let me tell you again it was perfect and I wouldn’t change a thing. Angie even had my back with my overzealous bridesmaids who were trying to convince me to have the ceremony inside.”

Wedding Photo At That Amazing Place Essex Wedding Venue For Darren And Katie

Photo Credit: Paul’s Studio

Theme and Entertainment

When it came to the theme, there wasn’t a distinctive theme itself but there was a definite idea of how they wanted it to look. They wanted something romantic yet stylish. It was also important that a relaxed atmosphere was created. They wanted to avoid anything too formal or too stuffy. It was important for their guests to simply have fun and celebrate their union with them.While their guest list could have run away with them, our wedding venue itself made them keep numbers down which actually helped create the intimate, informal setting they wanted. It also meant their family and friends integrated throughout the entire day, just what they wanted.

With regards to entertainment, they enjoyed the west end singing waiters posing as servers all day, until they surprised guests after their meal by bursting into song. This was one of the best decisions they made about their day, Katie also thinks she, “deserves a medal for keeping it secret for a year”. In the evening, they had the fabulous Piano DJ. They submitted a song list of some of the songs they wanted to play but they also found Piano DJ read the crowd on the night and “played tune after tune. The dance floor was full all night. We highly recommend both companies.”

Wedding Photo At That Amazing Place Essex Wedding Venue For Darren And Katie

Photo Credit: Paul’s Studio


Stock florist provided the flowers on the day. Katie had very specificideas of what she wanted and they, “knocked it out of the park. My favourite flowers were peonies,which were out of season so they suggested having David Austen roses,which were a beautiful alternative. Along with the David Austen roses, I had avalanche roses as well as amnesia roses and eucalyptus in my bouquet. The flowers looked glamorous and classy.” The beautiful couple especially loved the table centrepiecesand large urns that stood either side of theaisle.


Katie’s dress was from David Bridal in Stratfordand was created by a designer called Zac Posen. Katie’s stunning veil was added at the last minute, around a week before the wedding, much to Katie’s delight and may we add she looked stunning. It finished off her look beautifully.


The catering was covered by Magpie Catering; one of our Essex wedding venue recommended suppliers. Katie and Darren chose 10 canapésduring the drinks reception instead of a starter. Their meal was a traditional roast dinner followed by a trio of desserts. All food was served with an espresso martini or long island iced tea. They were particularly pleased with the waiting staff, “the waiting staff were brilliant – we were especially happy that we were handed a glass of prosecco instantly as we walked back down the aisle. In all seriousness it’s hard to cater for a large number of people but Lizzie did it. The food was perfectly executed, delicious and the waiting staff were super efficient. In the evening, we opted for cheeseburgers andchips instead of a traditional buffet and our guests loved it.”

Wedding Photo At That Amazing Place Essex Wedding Venue For Darren And Katie

Photo Credit: Paul’s Studio

Special Moments

For Darren, the special moment was the ceremony itself. When Katie saw Darren’s face, she “nearly lost it. Seeing him looking back at me from the top of the aisle, after trying to channel my inner Zenall morning, specifically telling my bridesmaids to not act excited or get emotional around me.”

Katie really enjoyed the walk too, with her Dad but, “the best bit was the west end waiters during the wedding breakfast.”

From all of us here at That Amazing Place, we wish the happy couple every happiness and hope to see them again soon for an anniversary celebration…or two! For more information about our Essex wedding venue, simply contact us today!

Prince Harry and Megan Markle: The Wedding Of The Year

It looks set to be one of the biggest weddings of the year and at just over a month away, Prince Harry and Megan Markle’s big day is certainly causing quite a stir. Here’s what we know so far…

When’s the big day – Their big day is set for Saturday, May 19th and will take place at St George’s Chapel in Windsor Castle where the young prince himself was christened, with the ceremony starting at 12pm precisely. Despite the Lord Chamberlain’s Office at Buckingham Palace being responsible for organising royal weddings, Harry and Megan are taking the lead on core aspects such as the music, flowers, decorations and of course the reception.

Invitations – As with any royal wedding, it’s not a small affair. Invitations have been sent to a whopping 600 guests with a very select 200 (that’s still HUGE!!!) being invited to an after party at Frogmore House. The invitation itself will be die stamped in gold, featuring the Three Feather Badge of The Prince and will also reveal the dress code which is uniform, morning coat or lounge suit and day dress with hat. Those who’ve been lucky enough to receive an invitation aren’t yet known but they should be revealed in the forthcoming weeks, however we do know that we haven’t received one…yet.

Best Man And Bridesmaids – The Duke Of Cambridge, Prince William is expected to be Best Man, quite possibly along with one of Harry’s childhood friends as the trend for more than one Best Man becomes more popular of late. It’s also highly likely that Prince George and Princess Charlotte will be pageboy and flower girl while Megan has apparently chosen her own bridesmaids, most likely to be Indian actress Priyanka Chopra and possibly stylist Jessica Mulroney.

The Dress – When it comes to the dress, all bets are off as the designer of the dress itself is still unknown. From Australian brand Ralph and Russo to London based designer, Erdem; all will be revealed however, on the big day itself and we literally cannot wait to see the bride in all her glory.

Traditional Ceremony – As expected, this royal wedding will take a similar stance as previous weddings keeping things super traditional with the couple making their vows at Windsor Castle’s St George’s Chapel. The Dean of Windsor will be conducting the ceremony while the Archbishop of Canterbury will be officiating the couple as they make their marriage vows. As a UN women’s advocate however, it’s believed that Megan is unlikely to opt to “obey the prince” unlike previous women have done in the past.

Flowers – Just like any bride and groom, flowers will of course play a huge part in the couple’s big day and it’s all thanks to the high society florist Philippa Craddock who’ll be using seasonal plants and flowers from the Crown Estates and of course the Royal Parks. Did you know the flowers will be chosen for their pollinator-friendly attributes so as not to disturb anyone during the ceremony?

As with most things to do with the royal wedding, we can never be too sure just what’s going to happen but we cannot wait to see just what happens on the big day itself and we certainly can’t wait to hear the couple themselves say “I do”. Here’s to Prince Harry and Megan Markle and their fabulous forthcoming nuptials, or what’s otherwise known as, the wedding of the year.

What To Wear To A Wedding

When it comes to our blog page, we’re aware that we focus on the brides and grooms that attend our country house wedding venue and of course, why not? After all, they are the ones who’ll choose our venue in which to marry. Let’s not forget however, they aren’t the only ones attending the wedding so this blog is dedicated to you, the wedding guest and the biggest conundrum facing most wedding guests very year – what to wear to a wedding?

We all walk a fine line when it comes to deciding what to wear to a wedding. You want to look striking but not too striking in that you drag attention from the most important people of the day and let’s not forget, you too want to be remembered, if only as one of the best dressed guests.

Luckily for you, there are a few ground rules to stick to in order to ensure you’ve got everything covered. We’ve got the ultimate do’s and don’ts to ensure you’re the best dressed guest at all manner of wedding ceremonies this side of Essex and beyond.

A dress is a safe choice – struggling to come up with the perfect feminine tux a-la Victoria Beckham? Then reach for the trusty statement dress. Add some fabulous heels, a little lippie and you’re good to go.

No short hemlines – this isn’t just out of respect for the bride but the ideal way to ooze a little conservative sexiness. Irregular hemlines are great for keeping things appropriate while still allowing you to flash a little leg. Just remember ladies, keep it on the classy side.

Try bold lace – lace is the ultimate statement right now but white or cream lace and embroidery are major no-no’s. Instead opt for coloured lace and clever layering with a few sequins thrown in.

Black isn’t a total no – for years, the colour black would never been seen at a wedding as it once marked the doom and gloom of grievance but recent times have brought a change. Black is now considered chic so wear it to weddings with pride.

Carry a small clutch or bag – large shoulder bags or totes will not only ruin your look but will become quite cumbersome to carry; and let’s face it, they don’t exactly scream “special occasion” do they? Think minimal and cut loose from your usual heavy accessories. Think of it as a detox of your usual essentials.

Wear comfortable heels – there’s nothing worse than wearing a pair of heels that look fabulous but cripple you within five minutes, especially when you consider the fact that you have an entire day ahead of you and the bare foot look just isn’t in. Whether it’s a chunkier heel or a comfier sole, find that perfect pair of shoes to take you through the day with ease.

Just ask the bride or groom – if you’re really not sure, then we suggest you just ask the bride or groom. We know they’ll have a million and one things to think about but we doubt they’ll mind you sending a quick message to ask for any guidelines, colours advice etc. It’s their big day after all. Just remember to keep it all in good time, not an hour before they’re about to walk down the aisle.

NEVER WEAR WHITE – despite changes in modern day formal wear it will never be ok to wear white, or off-white or even cream. In short, never make it look like you’re trying to over-shadow the bride.

Check Out Our Country House Wedding Top Tips

country house wedding

Our Amazing Wedding Venue

Whether it’s a case of keeping up with the Jones’s or just simply that in this day-and-age, weddings are about splashing the cash; weddings on a smaller budget seem to have gained a reputation for being substandard. Here at That Amazing Place however, we’re here to tell you that couldn’t be further from the truth, especially with our top tips to help you give your country house wedding a million dollar feel.

Less is more – as they say, the enemy of elegance is clutter so when it comes to your wedding décor, we always suggest you stick to the mantra of “less is more”. Keep things streamlined and the overall look nice and simple as opposed to trying to create a huge amount of self-made details. Keep things white, ivory and all shades of grey and you’ll ensure elegance and simplicity all the way.

Be strategic with your floral arrangements – flowers are essential for any wedding but they’re also an area in which bills can quickly start to add up. Thankfully, there are ways to help keep the bills low and that’s by adopting a strategic attitude about where you’ll be placing the flowers and which flowers in particular to select. Scrimping on flowers on each table will ultimately disappoint you but you can cut down on flowers in other areas of the venue. Invest in one large statement piece that everyone will see when they walk into the venue and you’ll feel a lot happier while your wallet remains full.

Keep a lid on your guest list – instead of throwing a lavish wedding for hundreds and hundreds of people on a small budget, why not crop the guest list and let your budget spread further with fewer guests? You’ve no doubt heard of the term, spreading it thin? That’s exactly what you’ll be doing with too many guests, so cut the list of your country house wedding and enjoy more to spend on fewer people. Make it an intimate and unforgettable experience.

Indulge your creative side – though we strongly advise opting for a solely DIY feel; indulging your creative side a little could be a winning decision. Think invitations and even seating cards. You can find creative ways to take on these beautiful projects and give your wedding a very personal feel. If you don’t have a creative bone in you (and believe us, there are some out there who feel this way) then it may be the perfect time to call on your most creative friend.

Make a grand entrance – it’s important that you know your guests probably won’t remember an inexpensive linen, nor will they remember a lack of flowers here and there but they will remember their entrance into your wedding. Make their entrance something to remember with striking flowers, candles and other elaborate décor. Keeping this at the entrance will be the best place for them to really see and remember it. Always remember the entrance and exit of each event space.

Here at That Amazing Place, we have the perfect option for those looking to keep within their budget in the form of our Twilight Wedding Package. For more information, simply contact us today.

Here’s Why Our Wedding Venue Is So Amazing!

Our Amazing Wedding Venue

Our Amazing Wedding Venue

If you’re a regular reader of our blog, you may have noticed that we discuss quite a broad spectrum of topics; from wedding top tips to current trends and even the actual weddings that take place here at our country house wedding venue but today, we thought we’d take the time to talk about That Amazing Place itself. From our wonderful manor house to the extensive grounds in which we’re set, we’d like to welcome you to That Amazing Place, a beautiful country house wedding venue nestled in the heart of the Essex countryside. While you may know us as Hubbards Hall, we’re here today to tell you all about our wedding venue and just why we’re so, well…amazing.

Once upon a time, our grade II listed building was actually occupied as a residential property until its current owners, the wonderful Paul and Jane, decided to renovate and re-open it as the elegant venue that it is today. When it comes to That Amazing Place, many people know that we’re a wedding venue but what a great deal of people don’t know is that day to day, we’re also a boutique bed and breakfast. We offer fabulously luxurious rooms along with a variety of excellent facilities, including delicious breakfasts, amazing views and above all else, exquisite customer service. From business stopovers to family breaks, we have the facilities to really make your stay like nothing else.

As we mentioned above, the majority know us as the beautiful wedding venue in Harlow but the question asked by many is what makes us so amazing. Well, our extensive grounds and stunning interior aside, the fact that we’re an exclusive-use wedding venue really does make us stand out from the crowd. We understand only too well that your wedding day is something you want to share with your loved ones, both family and friends however, as much as you may wish to shout your love from the rooftops, we know that you won’t want to share the space with total strangers. It’s for this reason we decided to make it an exclusive use wedding venue to give you the space to enjoy yourself without the worry of unwanted guests spoiling your day.

That’s not all our cosy and intimate wedding venue has to offer however; we also have 12 deluxe bedrooms that sleep up to 25 guests, perfect for housing your guests the night before and evening of your big day. From King rooms to Double Deluxe rooms, we have a fabulous choice to suit everyone.

Last but most certainly not least, we wouldn’t be That Amazing Place without our dog-friendly policy. Unlike a great deal of wedding venues up and down the country, we allow you to bring your four legged friend along with you on your big day because after-all, they’re family aren’t they?

Now of course, we couldn’t possibly squeeze every ounce of “amazingness” into one short blog but we think that goes a little way to explaining just why our wedding venue is as popular as it is. For more information, simply contact us today.

Adele & Victoria’s Day At Our Essex Wedding Venue

Essex wedding venue

Real Wedding Blog – Victoria and Adele

It’s been quite a while since we shared a real wedding story from our Essex wedding venue so today’s blog post feels extra special. We’re looking at the beautiful nuptials of one of the loveliest couples we’ve had the fortune of coming across, the wonderful Victoria and Adele Hughes. Victoria and Adele met three years ago at Brighton Pride, August 2014 through mutual friends. Victoria said, “we all met up and the moment we saw each other, we fell for one another and haven’t really spent a day apart since” and the rest they say is history…

The Venue

When it came to choosing the venue, Adele and Victoria knew exactly what they wanted. Victoria explains, “We wanted somewhere solely exclusive to us. Adele had googled some places near to where we lived and That Amazing Place came up. As soon as we visited, we knew that it was the one.” Here at That Amazing Place, we often find the fact that being an exclusive use wedding venue sets us apart from so many others. Our country house wedding venue was indeed exclusively Victoria and Adele’s for their special day too and what’s more, Victoria added, “there was nothing we needed to do to the venue. It was perfect as it was”. Victoria pointed out they were after a “less is more” kind of feel. It wasn’t just the venue itself that drew them here, the service was also a big pull as they both complimented the service from Paul and Jane, “from start to finish, Paul and Jane always made us feel welcome and was more than happy to facilitate our needs. The whole day was just perfect and a day we’ll never forget.”

Theme and Entertainment

As we previously mentioned, the reason Adele and Victoria loved our country house wedding venue so much (exclusivity aside) was that they enjoyed the ‘less is more’ feel. Though their wedding wasn’t without a certain style with the pair opting for a real vintage theme, which included a fantastic sweet cart and a vintage photo booth. When it came to their entertainment, they used a company called JF Weddings whom they’d spotted at a wedding fair in Dunmow. He sang during reception drinks to entertain guests and also sang for their first dance. For the rest of the evenings entertainment, they hired a DJ to ensure their guests danced the night away.


For their catering, Adele and Victoria used one of our recommended suppliers, Premier Crew Hospitality. They chose canapés with reception drinks, which included mini prawn cocktails, Welsh rarebit, tomato and mozzarella skewers and vegetable spring rolls. They then enjoyed a BBQ for their wedding breakfast with an array of dishes to cater for their guests. Sarah at Premier Crew Hospitality even provided brioche buns for the burgers, along with gluten free buns at their request. For desserts, the girls chose chocolate brownies, Eaton mess as well as mango and passionfruit meringue. For the evening, they enjoyed mini takeaways with fish and chips in cones, chicken and pittas as well as pizza. Victoria had this to say about our recommended caterers, “what we liked about Premier Crew Hospitality was the fact that they were coming round to the guests with the evening food. Sarah and her team were superb and every guest went away happy and well fed.”

With Adele picking her suit from Asos, Topman and Curtis Hawes, and Victoria picking her bridal gown from Rock The Frock, these two beautiful women were guaranteed to look nothing short of stunning and the photos captured by the ever-talented Nigel Read Photography, only prove that fact. We couldn’t have been more pleased to witness such a beautiful ceremony and wish Victoria and Adele all the best for the future.

Photo Credit: Nigel Read Photography