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Here at That Amazing Place, our ethos has always been to provide our guests with a contemporary and stylish place to rest their head, to enjoy some tranquility and to say their “I do’s”. We’ve worked tirelessly to provide a luxury service to each and every person that crosses our threshold and although we don’t do it for anything other than a smile on our clients faces, every once in a while, a little recognition tells us we’re doing a good job. Last week was one such “moment” when we were, quite simply, blown away to receive the news that we had been honoured with the Stellar Stays Award in conjunction with HotelsCombined.

The Stellar Stays Award has been given to us to celebrate the quality and consistency within our work and we couldn’t be more pleased. Our hotel has been selected to represent the top 3% within the whole of the United Kingdom, thanks to our great customer satisfaction. What’s more, the results of this hugely prestigious award come after much deliberation and quality analysis of your reviews. As part of the selection process, hotel reviews and customer opinions from all major booking websites are considered. Even our social media is monitored to take into account customer comments and responses. As a result of this deep, quality analysis, 392 hotels in Essex were considered and we were rather wonderfully given 6th place amongst them all.

The Stellar Stays Award representative told us that as a result of 295 impressive reviews, this gave us an outstanding overall score of 9.67/10 and it was down to this fantastic score that they were able to, beyond any doubts, select and award us such as prestigious honour.

So what does this mean exactly? Well, being awarded the prestigious Stellar Stays Award means we’ve received better reviews than 97% of all other hotels worldwide. That’s huge and most certainly an achievement to be proud of, especially when it comes from a world leading hotel meta-search website such as HotelsCombined. Based in Australia, Sydney to be precise, they’re used by over 300 million travellers each and every year. They’re so wide in their searches, they’ve now partnered with thousands of sites including the well known, Expedia and even Agoda, while on their mission to become the one stop hotel search engine for travellers all around the world. With this in mind, our award and placement of 6th in Essex is even more astounding and quite simply breathtaking.

Embracing Hotelscombined’s mission statement to “make amazing tools to make people’s lives easier”, we’re certainly proud to be a part of something so fantastic and even more proud of the recognition of our hard work. As I’m sure our team here at That Amazing Place will agree, the tranquil scene that you’re greeted with on arrival does a very good job of hiding the hard work that goes into making this place run smoothly. It really is a team effort so as well as a huge thank you to HotelsCombined and the Stellar Stays Award, we’d also like to say a huge thank you to our wonderful team, without whom we certainly wouldn’t have received such a great award. This is a truly “Amazing” award for a truly “Amazing” place.