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When it comes to planning a wedding, you’ll no doubt know that it comes with about a million decisions you’ll inevitably have to make. These range from the colours of the dresses to table arrangements, but one such area seems to be causing more bother than usual and that’s the wedding bouquet toss. The problem that appears to be arising more and more, is the fact that so many brides are now choosing to keep their bouquets for themselves and why not? After all, with companies such as the wonderful Gracie Day Flowers providing the most exquisite bouquets, can you really blame a bride for not wanting to part with it? It’s for this reason that we’ve come up with a few bouquet toss alternatives! No longer is it just a foregone conclusion as to whether you’ll toss that treasure into a pit of rabid single friends, now anything’s possible. Your wedding is your special day and that means anything’s possible.


  1. The “Breakaway” bouquet – while some brides opt for a second bouquet, made specifically for them to throw, more and more now are choosing to use something called a “breakaway” bouquet. While it may look like your average, run-of-the-mill solid bouquet, it’s actually made to separate once it’s thrown which means everyone gets a piece and you get to keep your beautiful bouquet that was made especially for you. It also means a lot more guests leave extra happy as everyone gets a chance to snag a flower or two.
  2. Toss something from your wedding theme – wedding themes are becoming more outlandish by the season, which gives blushing brides ample opportunity to throw something that’s related to their wedding theme instead. A great example would be to throw chocolate coins if you’re wedding theme is something sweet. Or perhaps even beautifully decorated plastic snowflakes if you’re going for a winter wonderland theme. Having a sunshine themed wedding? Then why not throw single sunflowers and keep your exquisitely made bouquet to yourself?
  3. Honour lost loved ones – instead of throwing the bouquet and losing it forever, why don’t you put it to a more meaningful use and use it to honour those who couldn’t be there? More and more couples are now choosing to remember lost loved ones on their special day and one way to do this is to place a vase next to pictures of deceased family and friends. Then after the ceremony, place your bouquet into the vase to serve as a reminder that you’re thinking of them on your special day.
  4. Have a ladies-only dance – the ladies-only dance is becoming more and more popular. Instead of throwing the bouquet, brides are now choosing to invite the single, taken and married ladies onto the dance floor to enjoy a girl’s only party. Some even pick a special song and create a dance to perform on the night itself. That way you’re celebrating all of the women in your life while forgoing the bouquet toss, allowing you to keep it for yourself.


For more information on wedding flowers and bouquets, give Gracie Day Flowers a call today. Their exquisitely prepared flowers will quite simply take your breath away. We couldn’t be more proud to be working with this award-winning florist.