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Hi Holly, thanks so much for agreeing to meet with us today! As one of our go-to make up artists, we thought you’d be able to give us some top advice to help our blushing brides before their big day!

Since graduating with a distinction from the Delamar Academy in London, you’ve been quite busy working not only on weddings, but some pretty fab movie sets too. Now while the call of Hollywood is certainly glam, we know you love transforming a bride on her big day. What is it that makes it so special for you?

I find it an honour and a privilege to share the morning with the bride on her wedding day. To be part of such a special occasion; to share in the intimate moments between the bride and her closest family and friends are priceless. Not only that, but also to makeover a bride so that she looks and feels fabulous on her special day makes mine and my team’s job a dream.

This is probably something you get asked all of the time, but how important is professional make up for a bride? Can it make a dramatic difference in photos too?

On the wedding day, all eyes are on the bride. Whilst it’s important that the bride still feels like herself, most want to achieve an enhanced version – them but with a little pizzazz. A professional makeup artist can provide a look that compliments the bride’s features, hair colour, dress etc. whilst also ensuring that they’ll be camera ready. This means they’ll not only look great up close but also in their captured memories of their lasting photos.

When it comes to make-up, many seem to think it’s merely a case of you turning up on the day and adding a little blush and mascara but it couldn’t be further from that! How many times do you meet a bride before the day of the wedding itself?

There’s definitely much more that goes into a bride’s makeover! From complimenting colours to achieving longevity for the whole day. We suggest that the bride books a wedding trial prior to the wedding day itself. It’s here that the bride will have a consultation with their makeup artist where they can build a rapport with each other, discuss their desired looks and the makeup artist can make suggestions too. The trial is intended for the bride to achieve a look she’s happy with and to rest in the knowledge that on the day itself, she can enjoy the morning’s pampering and look forward to recreating the look.

Just as is the case with everything in life, each and every bride is completely different and we’re guessing that goes all the way down to their make-up too?

Definitely! Many brides want a natural ‘not wearing any makeup’ look whilst others will ask for a smokey eye, lashes and a red lip. We can create any look the bride desires…we’ve even made over brides for themed weddings!

Is it a case of applying the very basics in terms of contouring, highlighting etc and then adding subtle changes or is a complete individual look from the very beginning?

Contouring and highlighting is a very popular trend at the moment. There’s a general rule as to where you shade and highlight to bring out certain features but this would also be tailored to each individual as every face is unique!

Are there any skin care tips you’d advise a bride (and groom for that matter) to start taking notice of before the wedding? If so, how long in advance should they be preparing themselves?

My biggest tip is to drink lots of water! It’s amazing what a bit of hydration can do for your skin. If anyone decides to start using new products or having new treatments on their skin, this should start at least 3 months prior to the wedding day in order for the skin to get used to any changes simply because changes to the skin can sometimes bring out blemishes before you see the results.

How long does the average bride take to complete on the day?

At ‘Holly Edwards Makeup’, we provide Hair & Makeup for the bride. As a guide, we usually allow around 1 1/2 hours for the bride’s complete makeover. This ensures the bride is ready in a calm and pleasant environment whilst achieving there desired look.

If a bride simply can’t decide on how she’d like her make up, can you help? If so, how heavily does it depend on the brides dress and accessories?

YES! That’s a big part of what we do. We have an eye for what suits each person, so we can offer suggestions. Everything is taken into account when constructing the look, including – dress style, hair length, accessories, face shape, colour scheme etc.

For a bride that may be getting a little stressed over an unwelcomed pimple or mark, can you reassure them that this is something easily covered up for photographs?

Trust me – no one will notice your pimple! Whilst we do cleverly cover pimples or marks, this is the last thing anyone will notice. You are the star of the show, in the most fabulous dress you will probably ever wear, with a makeover to die for. Hold your head high and ooze confidence and that will radiate through.

 Last but most certainly not least, what are your three top tips for our blushing brides?

 Here are 3 tips I always offer to brides.

  1. Relax and enjoy – simple I know! I hear time and time again that brides get so caught up in the chaos of planning a wedding that they look back and realise they hadn’t full embraced the journey.
  2. From a makeup perspective, I also suggest to brides to pull put pictures of hairstyles and makeup styles they like (and don’t like), which helps when creating ‘the look’.
  3. My final tip is to create an itinerary for the wedding morning. So often, no matter how organised a bride is, there is always a mad panic trying to get all the last bits and pieces done. It’s always worth leaving an hour’s buffer before you have to leave the house. This can be used to have photos, a glass of bubbly, a time of reflection and to soak up the magical atmosphere.

To contact Holly and her fabulous team, simply jump online at or call on 07773581750. If you’re on twitter, why not give her a follow over on @HEdwardsMakeup!

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