When it comes to bride dilemmas, entertaining children is probably up there with the likes of keeping both families happy. A number of couples planning their big day with little ones on the guest list panic that children will either get bored and drive their parents crazy or worse still, cause havoc on the day itself. There is however, a few things you can do to ensure the kids are not only entertained but keeping themselves out of trouble, ensuring the stress-free wedding you always envisaged.

Kids go crazy for some fun and frolics while you say “I do”


Outdoor games (weather dependent) – as is the case with a lot of things here in the UK, providing outdoor games can often be weather dependent however, if you’re lucky enough to marry on a dry (and not so cold) day, you may want to consider a few outdoor games for the youngsters to enjoy. Old games such as lawn bowling, Twister, giant Jenga, chess and Connect4 will help to keep the children entertained for hours on end.

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Reception entertainment – if the weather isn’t your friend and let’s face it, in the UK that happens a lot, then why not set up some games inside. Jigsaws, board games like Hungry Hippo and Operation. These help children to mingle and make friends although be warned, introducing these sort of games can often tempt the “bigger kids” on your guest list to wander toward the games area too.

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Arts and crafts – if there’s one thing that all children love to do, it’s create and make things. Therefore creating an arts and crafts area could be the best decision you make for your entire wedding (other than selecting That Amazing Place as your venue of course). You could even set up wedding inspired themes like cake decorating, wedding dress designing and even card making for the bride and groom.

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Kids table – this happens to be a tradition that’s actually quite big in the states already. If there are a number of children who are all around the same age, then make it more fun for them during the wedding breakfast by creating a kids only table. Let them have their own fun during the dining portion of the wedding and even set them out a particular child friendly menu too. You could even consider hiring a child-minder or children’s entertainer to watch over them while they eat.

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Kids photo booth – ask any adult and they’ll no doubt tell you how much they love a little photo booth fun. Children are no different! To keep them entertained, and stop them taking all the fun away from the adults of course, it’s always a great idea to hire a child specific photo booth too. This way, the children get to enjoy photo booth fun for as long as they want to.


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Sweet treats – last but most certainly not least, we suggest you have to hand a few sweet treats. From goody bags to a table of pick and mix, it’s the perfect way to keep the children happy, albeit full of energy, but happy, nonetheless.

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We hope these suggestions have given you a little food for thought when it comes to preparing for the smaller guests on your list, after all, we were all kids once.