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Here at That Amazing Place, we will always do all we can when it comes to taking some of the usual stress of wedding planning off of your shoulders. Our intentions are to make planning your wedding (and the big day itself of course) as enjoyable as possible.  However, despite our best efforts, there are some areas where we simply can’t help – areas that we know only too well, will indeed cause the ultimate stresses and strife. Although we cannot completely take these burdens from you, we thought we’d do our best to offer a little advice and the topic of the moment happens to be the guest list. For some, the mere mention of the ‘Guest List’ sends them into a meltdown. Thankfully we’ve got some fab tips to help cut the dreaded list down to size without too many dramas and a lot less stress for you…hopefully! Here goes:

  1. Whether you like to admit or not, money talks. Consider who’s footing the bill for the wedding. Traditionally the brides parents usually pay for the wedding, which tends to give them a little more say. If however, it’s his parents then simply flip it.  Or if you’re paying for your own wedding, which seems to be happening more and more today, then simply divide between the pair of you evenly. This way you each get to invite an equal amount of loved ones, with no unfairness to create any undue stress.
  2. If you have your heart sent on a smaller, more intimate wedding then inviting 200 people just won’t do. Figure out what’s more important to you, the wedding of your dreams or more guests? We’re pretty sure the wedding of your dreams will come out on top, forcing you to bring that guest list down to size.
  3. Whether you like it or not, you need to battle the guilt. Be cut throat because after all, no matter what anyone says, this is your day and your day alone. Yes your family and friends will want to celebrate with you but a wedding isn’t an excuse to round up every single one of your long lost friends from primary school. Don’t feel guilt if you run into someone that you haven’t seen for years and haven’t invited to your wedding, otherwise you’ll be inviting the entire world. If you feel that unwanted pang of guilt, simply think of your big day and the result you’re wanting to achieve.
  4. Choose your words carefully when it comes to who is and who isn’t invited. If you don’t want children there, simply make sure the invites are addressed to Mr and Mrs Andrews as opposed to The Andrews Family. If however, they RSVP with their children’s names, which is bound to happen at some point, then its okay to politely explain that it’ll be an adult’s only event. It’s your day after all.

The guest list of every wedding is bound to cause some upset, after all, it’s almost impossible to invite every single person that would love to come. If you did this, not only would you struggle to find a venue at all but you’d no doubt struggle to pay for it too. The most important thing to remember is that it’s your day and no one else’s. Would you rather remember it as the day you kept everyone happy or as the most amazing day of your life?