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Here in the UK, spring is fast becoming one of the most popular seasons to get married in. So much so, it’s pushed the ever-popular “summer wedding” firmly into second place. To help our growing gaggle of spring brides, we thought we’d offer a few top tips we’ve gathered from last season to help you piece together the perfect spring wedding. So let’s go…

Hybrid indoor-outdoor weddings

For most, spring whips up images of warm, sunshine filled days. While this does sound idyllic, it’s best to remember that spring weather can be pretty unpredictable so make sure you have a suitable back up plan should the heavens open. From a back-up room in which to marry, to backup locations for photographs. This is where working with a preferred supplier of the venue you’re using can come in handy. They’ll know the venue so well, they’ll no doubt have already planned for such eventualities. Let’s not forget, this is Britain and as such, spring sunshine still lacks the warmth so your guests will no doubt want a break from the breeze, inside by a cosy fire perhaps, much like the one we have roaring here at That Amazing Place.

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Book in plenty of time

As we mentioned before, spring is becoming super popular and as such, gets booked up pretty fast. It’s worth going with your gut instinct and simply booking early. On top of your favourite venue getting booked up super fast, your favourite suppliers will also be getting booked up just as quick so once again, go with your gut instinct or better still, try the recommended suppliers from the venue you choose (we have a list of recommended suppliers on our website) and book them up fast.

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Stay seasonal

It always pays to stay seasonal for any wedding and luckily for spring brides, the choice of flowers are quite literally endless, such as sweet peas and peonies to tulips. While you begin thinking of flowers however, it may also be worth thinking of spring colours and centerpieces as this obviously has an impact on everything else. Start planning your theme too as your colours could well be decided simply by the bloom you choose. For early spring weddings, think cherry blossom or snowdrops.

That Amazing Place wedding venue Harlow Essex | wedding photographer – Scott Miller photography

Love your bridesmaids

It’s surprising just how much work actually goes into being a bridesmaid, something that always gets overlooked. On top of that, a bride puts you in a flimsy dress on a super chilly day and you’re forced to say nothing. It’s for this reason we thought we’d take the opportunity to implore all of our future couples to really think of their bridesmaids. While floaty chiffon and tulle dresses are beautiful, they aren’t necessarily the warmest. If you do opt for this style dress however, you may want to take a peek at wraps or shrugs to ward off the chill.

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Always be prepared 

By choosing an all weather wedding venue such as That Amazing Place, you give yourself the option of marrying outside or inside. When it comes to things such as wedding photography however, you’ll need to prepare yourself for showers. So why not embrace the rain and invest in a fabulous umbrella, or even some wedding wellington boots?

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While we all wish we could enjoy fabulous sunshine during our spring wedding, the UK sometimes has other plans. It’s at times like this you should remember two things…rain on your wedding day is considered lucky and a wet knot is much harder to untie! Good luck guys!