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Excitement will always follow immediately after every engagement. Not only have you just agreed to spend the rest of your life with the person you love the most in the world, but you get to start planning the happiest day of your life. While it’s oh so easy to get carried away, it’s important to take a few moments to really think through each decision from picking the date, your colour scheme and of course, the bridal party. Picking your bridal party is a decision that shouldn’t be made lightly so here are some ultimate rules to keep in mind when choosing who’ll be standing by your side when you say the big “I do.”


  1. Think carefully before asking. When announcing your engagement, you may feel a little pressure to ask each person to be right there with you on your big day from your cousin to your co-worker but be patient. You need to be totally sure before asking because let’s face it, no one ever takes it well when they’re told that actually, they won’t be a part of the bridal party like they first thought.
  2. Include ALL sisters. It doesn’t matter if you have five sisters and your fiancé has six sisters, every single sister MUST be included in the bridal party. While your friends may have been through a lot with you, your family must and will always come first no matter what. While you may not be very close to your fiancés sister, leaving her out of the bridal party will ensure that never changes.
  3. Consider men and women. If your best friend happens to be a boy, then include him in your bridal party. Don’t allow anyone to tell you they can’t be included. Remember – it’s your wedding and the people closest to you (be they male or female) are the ones who should be there with you. A mixed gender bridal party could be one of the best choices you make.
  4. Agree things with your groom. While you might want to include all of your best friends, your groom may want to keep things small and intimate. Unless you can both agree on a small wedding, then you’re going to have to come to a compromise by discussing each person you’re inviting. If you can both come to a compromise before sending out invites, you’ll feel all the better for it.
  5. Research different bridal party roles. Is there someone you’d love to include within the party that isn’t necessarily the most responsible? Then look at other roles they could enjoy. Could they plan the hen or stag party? Could they perform a reading at your ceremony? Could they be in charge of creating the cocktails the morning of your wedding? There are so many ways to make people feel included without putting yourself at risk of having an unreliable bridesmaid; you just need to use your imagination.
  6. Set the expectations. In any good relationship, it’s a good idea to set expectations. Let each person know what’s expected of them and communicate things clearly. By letting them know what’s in store for them, you’ll see who’s able to commit and who may wish to bow out politely. This helps avoid any potential drama early on.
  7. Choose a Maid of Honour who you know will support you. You might have two best friends, you might have someone you promised the roll to years ago but you need to put that all aside and think of the person who makes you feel most supported. Remember a Maid of Honour isn’t just your closet friend, they need to be the most responsible too.


Sticking to these ultimate rules should help make a large chunk of your wedding plans a lot easier and as such, smooth sailing too. For more helpful hints and tips, feel free to speak to us here at That Amazing Place. When it comes to weddings, we know what we’re talking about.