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If you follow our blog or social media platforms, then you’ll probably know already that we’ve used wedding videographers in the past. We’ve had a number of happy couples document their big day on video as well as with a regular wedding photographer, yet in spite of this, so many seem unaware of this amazing new option available to them.

We understand that having a videographer film your wedding may not be for everyone but for some, it really could be the best decision you make. When it comes to actually booking one however, it can be a hard call to make. Luckily for you we have the “who” sorted as we have an array of wedding videographers listed on our suppliers page. Right now, however, we’re going to clarify the “why”.

What would a Wedding Videographer add to my day?

Ask any bride or groom what they remember most about their day and we guarantee they’ll tell you it raced by so quickly, in such a blur that they struggle to remember everything. There will always be things that you’ll miss such as the arrival of the groom, the arrival of the bridesmaids or you may even wonder about your own entrance from your wedding guests’ perspective. A wedding videographer however, will catch all of this…and more.

It may not be a necessity, especially when taking into consideration your wedding budget however, a professionally produced wedding film is without doubt the ultimate way of encapsulating your entire day from everyone’s perspective. Think of it as a kaleidoscope of memories from visual to sound that you can share with family, friends and yourself for years to come.

While photographs are an incredibly important aspect of your wedding day, priceless in fact, a wedding video is something you’ll find captures the spontaneous moments that photos may not have done. There’s no denying the fact that the first look back a couple will have on their wedding will be nothing short of magical so to have that on film would be even more spectacular. Who wouldn’t want to watch their big day back in all its glory and relive such a special moment in time?

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Will a wedding video fit within my budget?

Wedding budgets are there for a reason. They stop us spending way beyond our limit and remind us to spread the cost of different suppliers evenly and fairly. Fitting everything into your budget can therefore be quite the tricky task and may lead you to asking yourself whether you want a wedding video or not. Investing money into a wedding photographer or wedding videographer is of course hugely important. Having at least one will ensure you capture those important memories on your day however, you may have to ask yourself which of the two you’d prefer. Simply ask yourself whether having good quality photos or a professional film is more important to you.

There’s no exact science to it all; no way to find out which would be better for you however, there are of course ways around it. A number of happy couples here at That Amazing Place have chosen wedding videographers and simply asked guests to take photos with the disposable cameras lying around the venue that they’ve strategically placed. For more information on the wedding videographers we’d recommend or for ways to help decide, simply contact us today guys.