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Greta & Paul’s Wedding Day At Our Essex Wedding Venue

Greta & Paul’s Wedding Day At Our Essex Wedding Venue

There’s nothing we love more than sharing the breathtaking details of the wonderful weddings we see take place here at That Amazing Place. This week we’re looking at the nuptials of Greta and Paul who said I do right here at our Essex wedding venue.

Greta and Paul had been together for 9 years before saying “I Do” however, they had actually met through mutual friends 20 years previous when they dated for just three months.

Here’s the story of their special day and how they turned our wonderful manor house into their own special love nest for that unforgettable day.

Wedding Photo at That Amazing Place Essex Wedding Venue for Greta And Paul

The Venue

Greta stumbled upon That Amazing Place by chance as she scoured the Internet and saw that it had an upcoming open day.  She said, “As soon as we walked in, we knew it was where we wanted to get married. Angie was just brilliant too. I’m pretty sure we asked a million questions, some twice or even three times as my wedding brain took over. But she was always there to answer each and every one of them.”

When it came to the actual night before their wedding, Greta, the mother of the bride and the bridesmaids and flower girls all stayed at That Amazing Place and Greta, “couldn’t recommend this enough.

Paul and Jane let us have the entire house to ourselves and said to treat it as our own. It was a wonderful start to the weekend.”

Wedding Photo at That Amazing Place Essex Wedding Venue for Greta And Paul

Theme and Entertainment

Their big day didn’t have a theme as such; in fact everything changed a month before their wedding when they saw the marquee. The happy couple fell in love with the setting so much that they had to have it for their big day too. Their colour scheme was a very on trend blush pink and rose gold which complemented the marquee beautifully. They were also incredibly lucky to have stunning weather the day they got married which meant the marquee was open, over looking the beautiful lake and extended grounds. The view from the marquee became very much a focal point of the day with guests commenting on how beautiful it was.

With over 20 children in attendance, the day was very family orientated so seeing the children playing on the grass was very much a memory that Greta wouldn’t be forgetting in a hurry, “It was so lovely to see all the children enjoying the grounds whilst the adults were enjoying a few glasses of prosecco.”

For their entertainment, they enjoyed the talents of Piano DJ who they said had everyone up dancing, even out on the terrace thanks to the beautiful weather.



Their flowers were taken care of by Sophie Wilson. The bride’s bouquet was made of pale pink roses, pale pink astilbe and white peonies. It was finished off simply yet elegantly hand tied. The three older bridesmaids had the same bouquets however, but a slightly smaller version and the three flower girls had smaller versions still. The colour theme of pinks and rose gold’s continued throughout the marquee. The centrepieces had candelabra arrangements made on a removable ring so the flowers could be taken after the wedding. They were made with the same selection of flowers from the brides bouquet with the top table enjoying seven small glass containers with the same flowers again. They also had a scattering of rose petals around the small glass containers for added effect with two pink blossom trees placed in the gazebo for the ceremony and then moved to the front of the gazebo for the rest of the evening.



Greta looked a picture of elegance in her beautiful dress from Matchmaker Brides in Brentwood. The dress had a beautiful sweetheart neckline and a stunning illusion lace back. It was also accented with shimmering beads and ivory over light gold.



Greta and Paul chose the amazing bunch at Premier Crew to do their catering who they said were, “absolutely fantastic. They were always on hand and super helpful throughout the whole day and even the months leading up to it. The food was stunning and we really couldn’t have asked for anything more. The service on the day itself was second to none. When we moved inside for the evening reception, instead of a buffet we chose a wood fire pizza van which went down a storm for everyone too.”

Wedding Photo at That Amazing Place Essex Wedding Venue for Greta And Paul

Special Moments

The most memorable moment for Greta was having her brother walk her down the aisle. Her dad passed away 4 years previously, so for Greta, there were mixed emotions but it was a very special moment. Greta also spoke fondly of the moment Paul saw her for the first time and the attention she received on the day, “I was so excited to see Paul and for him to see me. I’m not usually good with all the attention being on me but I loved it all day. My mum wrote me a beautiful card and my girlfriends had put a beautiful photo book together with some really heartfelt messages in it.”


From everyone here at That Amazing Place, we cannot smile enough when we think of the wonderful day we had watching the fabulous couple, Greta and Paul, get married. We wish them all the happiness in the world and hope to see them in the future celebrating their anniversaries. If you’d like more information on our Essex wedding venue, please don’t hesitate to contact ustoday. Our team will be in touch as soon as possible to show you why so many choose That Amazing Place to make their dreams come true.

Our Wedding Fair – Sunday 8th April

Wedding Fair

Wedding Fair – Sunday 8th April

When it comes to your big day, if there’s something there to make things easier then we know you’d want to grab it with both hands. From wedding planning guides to to-do-lists, anything that takes the stress away from the big day can only be a good thing. Your wedding is one of the happiest days of your life and planning your happiest day shouldn’t be as stressful as some feel it is, which is why we hold our wedding fairs.

Here at That Amazing Place, we know only too well how much it can help to have everything in one place. From the wedding venue of your dreams to florists, DJ’s and more and that’s exactly what our wedding fairs offer. Designed specifically to provide a convenient way to see everything you could need to make your dream day come to fruition, under one roof. What’s more, we allow only the very best wedding suppliers to come along so we’re only too happy to boast that our wedding fairs offer you the chance to connect with some of Essex’s finest wedding suppliers there are.

We couldn’t be more pleased to have the fabulous Main Event Wedding Shows hosting our next wedding fair on Sunday 8th April. Our doors will open from 12pm to 4pm giving you more than enough time to pop along and meet every one of our fabulous wedding suppliers, glass of fizz in hand, and get to grips with some of the finest suppliers in Essex to ensure your wedding looks and feels as amazing as it is but that’s not all…

While you’re here at our wedding fair, you’ll also get the chance to walk the grounds of That Amazing Place and see for yourself, just why so many couples are choosing to say “I do” right here in our country house wedding venue. From the stunning views to our amazing wedding team who are on hand to help you in any way possible; you’ll get to see for yourself just why we’re called That Amazing Place.

So what are you waiting for? Make sure you’re available Sunday 8th April for the ultimate wedding shopping experience and your perfect chance to see one of the most popular wedding venues right here in the most beautiful Essex countryside. From our fabulous in-house team available to answer questions you may have to the fact that it’s a totally child friendly event, there’s absolutely nothing stopping you from taking the first steps to organising one of the most important days of your life. Head to That Amazing Place on Sunday 8th April for one of our amazing wedding fairs…we can’t wait to see you!

A Spring Bride Needs A Spring Hairdo…

spring bride

Are you getting married this coming spring? Then we’re guessing you’ll be enjoying your bridal hair trial sometime soon and what better way to stay prepared as a spring bride than to have a few ideas in your back pocket. Here are just a few fab spring wedding hairstyle ideas for the perfect inspiration…

Straight, smooth and sleek – the greatest thing about spring is that the weather remains pretty mild, neither too hot or too cold and that always gives you so much more wiggle room when it comes to your hair. Straight and sleek hairstyles are the ideal choice during a season when there’s far less chance of frizz so enjoy it while you can. If you’d like to jazz it up then perhaps look at sparkly silver tiaras or even sparkly fascinators to take it from an everyday look to something really special.

Keep it floral – when you think of spring, flowers in bloom will always “spring” to mind (pardon the pun) so if you’re looking for a thoroughly spring filled theme, think flowers. Keep it seasonal to really feel the airs of spring and keep costs down too. You could even extend this to your bridal look too. You could even match your wedding hairstyle to your floral bouquet to really keep things looking together. This look is particularly good for those who choose a simple wedding dress.

spring bride

Pretty curls – whether you’re naturally curly or not, a curly ‘do’ on your wedding day is nothing short of perfect for a spring wedding. Taking into consideration the low chance of frizz and of course, the versatility of curly hair and it’s easy to see just why it’s such a popular choice. Being so versatile means you also have the ability to make it as dramatic as you want too.

Bohemian beauty – if you’re leaning toward a bohemian style wedding dress then you’ll need the ultimate bohemian hairstyle to match and there’s more than one way to unleash your inner hippy. Think messy waves, think flowers and of course, think plaits. Fishtail plaits are incredibly popular at the moment, along with ombre hair. This is where baylage hair makes a big impact too. Make the most of your unique hair colour and nail the boho vibe with those all-important accessories.

Non committal hair – not sure whether you want an updo or long flowing tresses? Then enjoy the best of both worlds and opt for half up and half down. This is such a classic do it was even selected by the amazing Kate Middleton back in 2011. One of the greatest things about this hairstyle is that you can make it as glamorous or as simplistic as possible. Plaits can be added, or simply a wedding veil for a more traditional appearance.

If you’d like more information on bridal hair and make-up or if you’d like to find a tried and tested make-up and hair stylist for your big day, check out our list of suppliers for the best professionals out there.


Bridal Nails – What You Need To Know!

So you’ve booked the venue and found your perfect dress but do you have the finishing touches finalised; say for instance your wedding nails? While these may not seem like the most important aspect of your day, it’s finishing touches like this that make you feel all the more special. Let’s take a look at the 2017 trends for bridal nails…

Bridal nail colour – your nail colour is the perfect way to experiment a little on your big day without venturing too far from tradition. From brighter colours such as reds, fantastic for adding an injection of colour while also working great with fifties or sixties inspired dresses to blues; this can be your “something blue”. If you’d like to stick with tradition then you may want to stick with the popular request for sheer, glowing, natural nails. Neutral colours are always a good place to start if you’re unsure such as neutral pinks; think ballet slippers if you’re looking for inspiration. If you’re struggling to find one that you really want, try layering different shades to create the perfect one you want. If your dress is white, you’ll want a much warmer pink however, if your dress is ivory, you’ll want a cooler pink.

Gels or natural polish – natural polish has been fantastic for years however, gels are quite literally unbeatable. They’ll not only sail through your big day without a chip or care in the world but they’ll also most likely last your entire honeymoon too. You can also forgo the need for drying time, the risk of smudges and of course the need for carefully sculpted enhancements such as tips.

Nail art – when it comes to nail art, we suggest you approach this with the same attitude you would your wedding make-up and hair. Will you still like the look in 20 years time when you’re looking back through your wedding pictures? While minimal nail art won’t look too gaudy, a bold print could prove a little testing over time. Remember not to give someone permission to “do as they please”, this never ends well.engagement rings

Nail technicians – as with any wedding service, it pays to do your research. You wouldn’t let just anyone tend to your hair and make-up so why let just anyone fix your bridal nails? Many of our brides have a nail technician they use on a regular basis and will undoubtedly use for their wedding however, for those who may not treat themselves to manicures on a regular basis, finding the perfect nail technician can be a tough task. Thankfully we have a fab list of suppliers who’ll be only too happy to help. For more information, simply contact us today.

A Wedding Videographer – The New Must-Have

That Amazing Place wedding venue Harlow Essex | wedding photographer – Scott Miller photography

If you follow our blog or social media platforms, then you’ll probably know already that we’ve used wedding videographers in the past. We’ve had a number of happy couples document their big day on video as well as with a regular wedding photographer, yet in spite of this, so many seem unaware of this amazing new option available to them.

We understand that having a videographer film your wedding may not be for everyone but for some, it really could be the best decision you make. When it comes to actually booking one however, it can be a hard call to make. Luckily for you we have the “who” sorted as we have an array of wedding videographers listed on our suppliers page. Right now, however, we’re going to clarify the “why”.

What would a Wedding Videographer add to my day?

Ask any bride or groom what they remember most about their day and we guarantee they’ll tell you it raced by so quickly, in such a blur that they struggle to remember everything. There will always be things that you’ll miss such as the arrival of the groom, the arrival of the bridesmaids or you may even wonder about your own entrance from your wedding guests’ perspective. A wedding videographer however, will catch all of this…and more.

It may not be a necessity, especially when taking into consideration your wedding budget however, a professionally produced wedding film is without doubt the ultimate way of encapsulating your entire day from everyone’s perspective. Think of it as a kaleidoscope of memories from visual to sound that you can share with family, friends and yourself for years to come.

While photographs are an incredibly important aspect of your wedding day, priceless in fact, a wedding video is something you’ll find captures the spontaneous moments that photos may not have done. There’s no denying the fact that the first look back a couple will have on their wedding will be nothing short of magical so to have that on film would be even more spectacular. Who wouldn’t want to watch their big day back in all its glory and relive such a special moment in time?

Expression Photography

Will a wedding video fit within my budget?

Wedding budgets are there for a reason. They stop us spending way beyond our limit and remind us to spread the cost of different suppliers evenly and fairly. Fitting everything into your budget can therefore be quite the tricky task and may lead you to asking yourself whether you want a wedding video or not. Investing money into a wedding photographer or wedding videographer is of course hugely important. Having at least one will ensure you capture those important memories on your day however, you may have to ask yourself which of the two you’d prefer. Simply ask yourself whether having good quality photos or a professional film is more important to you.

There’s no exact science to it all; no way to find out which would be better for you however, there are of course ways around it. A number of happy couples here at That Amazing Place have chosen wedding videographers and simply asked guests to take photos with the disposable cameras lying around the venue that they’ve strategically placed. For more information on the wedding videographers we’d recommend or for ways to help decide, simply contact us today guys.

What To Wear To A Wedding

When it comes to our blog page, we’re aware that we focus on the brides and grooms that attend our country house wedding venue and of course, why not? After all, they are the ones who’ll choose our venue in which to marry. Let’s not forget however, they aren’t the only ones attending the wedding so this blog is dedicated to you, the wedding guest and the biggest conundrum facing most wedding guests very year – what to wear to a wedding?

We all walk a fine line when it comes to deciding what to wear to a wedding. You want to look striking but not too striking in that you drag attention from the most important people of the day and let’s not forget, you too want to be remembered, if only as one of the best dressed guests.

Luckily for you, there are a few ground rules to stick to in order to ensure you’ve got everything covered. We’ve got the ultimate do’s and don’ts to ensure you’re the best dressed guest at all manner of wedding ceremonies this side of Essex and beyond.

A dress is a safe choice – struggling to come up with the perfect feminine tux a-la Victoria Beckham? Then reach for the trusty statement dress. Add some fabulous heels, a little lippie and you’re good to go.

No short hemlines – this isn’t just out of respect for the bride but the ideal way to ooze a little conservative sexiness. Irregular hemlines are great for keeping things appropriate while still allowing you to flash a little leg. Just remember ladies, keep it on the classy side.

Try bold lace – lace is the ultimate statement right now but white or cream lace and embroidery are major no-no’s. Instead opt for coloured lace and clever layering with a few sequins thrown in.

Black isn’t a total no – for years, the colour black would never been seen at a wedding as it once marked the doom and gloom of grievance but recent times have brought a change. Black is now considered chic so wear it to weddings with pride.

Carry a small clutch or bag – large shoulder bags or totes will not only ruin your look but will become quite cumbersome to carry; and let’s face it, they don’t exactly scream “special occasion” do they? Think minimal and cut loose from your usual heavy accessories. Think of it as a detox of your usual essentials.

Wear comfortable heels – there’s nothing worse than wearing a pair of heels that look fabulous but cripple you within five minutes, especially when you consider the fact that you have an entire day ahead of you and the bare foot look just isn’t in. Whether it’s a chunkier heel or a comfier sole, find that perfect pair of shoes to take you through the day with ease.

Just ask the bride or groom – if you’re really not sure, then we suggest you just ask the bride or groom. We know they’ll have a million and one things to think about but we doubt they’ll mind you sending a quick message to ask for any guidelines, colours advice etc. It’s their big day after all. Just remember to keep it all in good time, not an hour before they’re about to walk down the aisle.

NEVER WEAR WHITE – despite changes in modern day formal wear it will never be ok to wear white, or off-white or even cream. In short, never make it look like you’re trying to over-shadow the bride.