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There are very few things that are more enchanting, more whimsical or more romantic for that matter than a winter wonderland themed wedding. Picture sparkling, glitter filled centerpieces, snowflake décor, white linens, and even delicious, warming cuisine finished off nicely with mulled wine. With a day filled with such delights, it’d be hard for even the biggest Grinch not to feel at least a little holiday cheer. To help you make your elegant event as winter themed as possible, here are a few top design tips to keep in mind.

Classic white decoration 13600353_10157061133110394_573150810767194973_n

While some “white weddings” can easily be seen as tacky, white décor (done correctly) can really evoke the beauty of winter. By featuring all white linens, decorating with a dusting of sparkles or glitter, you can really create a wonderful snowy forest atmosphere. Go with very simple wintry accents too such as soft blues, even silvers. If you’re looking for a more natural appearance, try gold’s and soft yellows too.


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Glitter centerpieces

Now while we know for some, the mere mention of glitter immediately activates a gag reflex, we urge you to give it a try. Forget Christmas centerpieces or any type of holiday gimmick and create something simple that packs a punch. Try simple white blooms with glittery sticks and perhaps the odd snowflake. To create a more powerful, and perhaps more obvious statement, you could even consider a few trees complete with fairy lights. Jasmin Jasmin

Warm food and drink

It’s easy to create the illusion of warmth with the help of warming starters such as tomato soup, or hot Camembert. You might even want to add in a few hot chocolates with cookies or hot chocolate puddings. To give everything a real winter/festive feel, try mulled wine or rum infused, warm apple cider.


Warming accessories


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Keep your guests warm and cozy by offering out extra sweaters, scarves and blankets. To keep things lighthearted and fun, why don’t you try a photo booth complete with winter themed props such as Christmas hats, tinsel and fur lined jackets. You could throw in a few festive glasses and thick gloves.

Snow themed accents

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Let’s face it, no winter wonderland wedding would be complete without a few snow themed accents. A few snowflakes here and there can really help to light up a room or two. From snowflake lanterns to sparkling light accessories, even Christmas trees covered in fake snow accents and hanging snowflake gems. If you’re looking for a more elegant touch however, you may want to add in a few throw pillows on seats too however with this, it’s worth remembering that less certainly is more.

For more help with organising your winter wonderland themed wedding, simply contact us today. Our knowledgeable event manager will be more than happy to help you organise the wedding of your dreams.