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Winter weddings have become more and more popular of late, gaining a reputation for their heightened sense of romance amongst frost lined trees and roaring log fires but there’s one thing that can put a dampener on anyone’s day and that’s feeling cold. A fear of a little lowered temperature shouldn’t put you off the winter nuptials of your dreams however! Oh no! Thankfully there are a number of things you can do to ensure you (and your guests) remain warm and comfortable, despite our sometimes-chilly British weather.


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There’s a lot to consider when it comes to a winter wedding but the biggest challenge of all is keeping the bridal party happy and in good spirits when the photos are being taken. This in itself can pose a whole host of unique challenges but that’s not to say it’s unattainable. Look at it as an opportunity to flex your fashion biceps a little. Staying warm is essential, after all, nobody likes to see red noses or blue hands so it may be worth considering boleros for your bridesmaids or perhaps even a shrug. Be it faux fur or not (whatever your choice) it can add a real touch of glam on a crisp cold day and also happens to be easily removed when you walk into the warmth of That Amazing Place.

When it comes to your guests however, it’s all about the little touches. For the photos warm blankets could still prove a welcome addition to help take the chill off while guests wait for their starring moment. This means people get to cover their shoulders and can wrap themselves up as much or as little as they wish, staying super warm.


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If you have guests making their way from hotels a little walk away, then you might find your guests are very appreciative of you laying on transport, stopping them from walking in the wind or rain.  On top of this, you’ll also keep your guests happy and more willing to get themselves mingling on the dance floor.




While laying on transport may not seem like such a “little touch”, our next suggestion is. While guests are usually greeted with a glass of champagne, perhaps greeting your guests (by a roaring fire) with a glass of Winter Pimms or even a whiskey. It’s a real small touch but one that seems to work perfectly and provides and instant glow of warmth and happiness. Open fires and warming drinks are the epitome of winter warmers; combine them with a winter wedding and you have the perfect mix for a winter wedding to remember.