A Spring Bride Needs A Spring Hairdo…

spring bride

Are you getting married this coming spring? Then we’re guessing you’ll be enjoying your bridal hair trial sometime soon and what better way to stay prepared as a spring bride than to have a few ideas in your back pocket. Here are just a few fab spring wedding hairstyle ideas for the perfect inspiration…

Straight, smooth and sleek – the greatest thing about spring is that the weather remains pretty mild, neither too hot or too cold and that always gives you so much more wiggle room when it comes to your hair. Straight and sleek hairstyles are the ideal choice during a season when there’s far less chance of frizz so enjoy it while you can. If you’d like to jazz it up then perhaps look at sparkly silver tiaras or even sparkly fascinators to take it from an everyday look to something really special.

Keep it floral – when you think of spring, flowers in bloom will always “spring” to mind (pardon the pun) so if you’re looking for a thoroughly spring filled theme, think flowers. Keep it seasonal to really feel the airs of spring and keep costs down too. You could even extend this to your bridal look too. You could even match your wedding hairstyle to your floral bouquet to really keep things looking together. This look is particularly good for those who choose a simple wedding dress.

spring bride

Pretty curls – whether you’re naturally curly or not, a curly ‘do’ on your wedding day is nothing short of perfect for a spring wedding. Taking into consideration the low chance of frizz and of course, the versatility of curly hair and it’s easy to see just why it’s such a popular choice. Being so versatile means you also have the ability to make it as dramatic as you want too.

Bohemian beauty – if you’re leaning toward a bohemian style wedding dress then you’ll need the ultimate bohemian hairstyle to match and there’s more than one way to unleash your inner hippy. Think messy waves, think flowers and of course, think plaits. Fishtail plaits are incredibly popular at the moment, along with ombre hair. This is where baylage hair makes a big impact too. Make the most of your unique hair colour and nail the boho vibe with those all-important accessories.

Non committal hair – not sure whether you want an updo or long flowing tresses? Then enjoy the best of both worlds and opt for half up and half down. This is such a classic do it was even selected by the amazing Kate Middleton back in 2011. One of the greatest things about this hairstyle is that you can make it as glamorous or as simplistic as possible. Plaits can be added, or simply a wedding veil for a more traditional appearance.

If you’d like more information on bridal hair and make-up or if you’d like to find a tried and tested make-up and hair stylist for your big day, check out our list of suppliers for the best professionals out there.


Our Guide To Bridal Winter Wedding Hair

It’s pretty much a given that every bride wants to look her best on her wedding day and while a bride’s style of course has an influence, so too does the season in which she says, “I do”. To help, we thought we’d piece together a fab guide to getting the perfect bridal winter wedding hair.

The Right Tools For The Right Job – with the harshness of the winter air and of course, the brutality of radiators, looking radiant can take a little extra work. Armed with the right products, hair styling tools and of course, a fabulous hair stylist, then your winter wedding hair will look nothing short of amazing. With winter wedding hair, you must remember that frizz becomes more of a problem as moisture gets sucked away causing it to become more static. Ensure natural bristle brushes are used or wide tooth wooden combs to help combat this.

Keep On Top Of Your Hair’s Condition – in the weeks and months (if you have enough time) you need to ensure you’re using a deep conditioning treatment in order to ensure not only is your hair moisturised but your scalp is too. Apply this frequently and ensure your locks are in optimum condition before your big day. It may feel like a lot of fuss but it really isn’t a lot of work. Simply apply before you step out of the shower and rinse ten minutes later. It’s much easier than you tell yourself it is. For strong, glossy locks, look to products containing keratin and be sure to use a good cleansing shampoo that will help prevent any product build up over time.

Fall In Love With The Updo – as a winter bride, it’s important to think about your own hair’s texture and type. The reason being is that due to the possibility of inclement weather, it always pays to work with your hair, instead of fighting against it. Take into consideration that fine, straight hair will be far more prone to drop curls while naturally thick hair may tend to frizz. With this in mind, it’s often best to opt for an updo when trying to tame unruly hair. It’s more likely to withstand the changes in temperature and moisture levels and will mean your hair can be neatly tucked away and won’t budge for the rest of the day.

Choose The Best Products – as any of our recommended hair stylists will tell you, using the best products is essential when it comes to ensuring your hair is in the best condition while also helping to avoid hair disasters on the big day. The hair products used will obviously depend on your hair type, the style you choose and of course the textured look you’re trying to achieve.

Think About Your Outfit – when it comes to bridal fashion during the winter months, brides will often choose a faux fur shrug or shawl to keep warm during their walk down the aisle and during photographs which is a consideration when picking your hairstyle; for instance, if you’re wearing a fur shrug, you must remember a low bun could easily rub against it, making it look unkempt. Not a look you want to achieve while saying “I do”.

We hope this guide to winter wedding hair helps you achieve the perfect look on your big day and remember, if you’re looking for an expert to take care of you on your big day, simply check out our list of preferred suppliers here.