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An Autumn Wedding At Our Country House Wedding Venue

country house wedding venue

Autumn will soon be upon us at That Amazing Place, a country house wedding venue nestled in the heart of Essex, and what a season it is. Autumn is all about bringing the outside in so why don’t you celebrate the annual falling of the golden leaves by featuring beautiful coppers, burnt oranges and even rust tones in your wedding colour scheme?

Autumn Inspired Centrepieces

Autumn is the perfect time to start keeping things natural, highlighting the beauty of the season in your autumn wedding décor. Look at seasonal fruits and vegetables such as red apples, pumpkins and even wheat (perfect for those wanting a more country inspired wedding) in order to form running centerpieces. You can ensure they pack a real punch by piling them on top of things such as wooden crates and positioning them at the entrance of your venue as well as along any mantelpieces available.

country house wedding venue

Autumn Inspired Floral Designs

Your flowers play a big part in your wedding, and as such, will play a big part in your theme. If you plan on opting for the theme of autumn throughout your special day then we suggest you ask your florist to preprare something appropriate. Use autumn inspired flowers in bloom, focusing on the warm reds and golden tones. Tie in a little hessian and lace too. You may even want to team your flowers with some trailing ivy and allow them to cascade romantically from your wooden crates. This is where choosing a country house wedding venue such as That Amazing Place can make all the difference. With our extensive grounds, you’ll find the venue itself will even tie in with your theme and it’s all thanks to Mother Nature.

Add A Human Touch

We always love a natural touch when it comes to a wedding but let’s not forget, there are also some fantastic manmade accents that could be added to help with your autumnal wedding theme. Think about copper framed lanterns, metallic cutlery and even industrial style chairs. They’ll help lift your autumn inspired wedding theme and give it a much sought-after rustic style that’s becoming more and more popular.

The That Amazing Place Autumn Wedding Quickfire Top Tips…

  • Fill pumpkins with ice to use as wine coolers on tables
  • Use toffee apples as table decorations and treat the children once your wedding meal has finished
  • Pine cones are a great decoration, especially when sprayed in golds and warm reds; they’re also affordable too!
  • Chestnuts are another great addition, especially when displayed in traditional jam jars or used to surround the base of candles.
  • Keep your invites in line too with leaf motifs in autumnal colours, or even gold for a more luxurious feel.
  • Tree stumps are becoming more and more on-trend as people have them inscribed as memorable items or treasure or as a “Mr and Mrs” display. If you have tree stumps big enough, you can use them as additional seating outside during outdoor games or as a wedding cake stand.

When it comes to creating an autumn wedding theme here at our Essex wedding venue, the options are endless. If however, you feel you need a little more advice, then please don’t hesitate to contact our wedding planner Angie who’ll be only too happy to accommodate and offer advice and guidance every step of the way.

Bring Fido With You To Our Dog Friendly Wedding Venue!

dog friendly wedding venue

Weddings are said to be one of the most important days of our lives so it’s only natural that you’d want your nearest and dearest there with you. For a great deal of couples, their “nearest and dearest” also happens to include their four legged, furry friend – their dog. Sadly, a great deal of wedding venues won’t allow your dog with you on your big day. Luckily for you however, here at That Amazing Place, we happen to be a dog friendly wedding venue.

With that in mind, as any owner will know, having your dog with you can mean mischievous behaviour at the best of times. Your wedding day however is the one day you can’t risk Rover doing a runner or stealing food from the buffet. Equally, you don’t want to spend your day keeping an eye on your dog. Thankfully, there’s now a fabulous service in the form of Walkies At Weddings.

dog friendly wedding venue

Walkies At Weddings was created by the wonderful Sally. After her beloved dog Archie died, she decided to give up her job in London and start her own business offering dog walking and doggy daycare services. It was only when a client asked her to bring their dog to their wedding in 2016 that she decided to offer the service for other pup loving couples too. This means for those getting married at our dog friendly wedding venue, they can now enjoy their four legged friend’s company as they say “I do”.

Walkies At Weddings offers three different packages: Gold, Silver and Bronze. The Gold package offers a two night stay with your dog being taken to the wedding, during which time your dog will be brushed, transported to and from your weddings and looked after for the duration. Sally explained that most brides opt for the Gold package as the two nights boarding alleviates a lot of stress, something they don’t exactly need any more of.

What’s more, you can even now have your doggy dressed to perfection to match the rest of your bridal party. Included in their prices are the use of bow ties and sparkly collars. If however, you’d like to arrange your dog to have something more specialised such as a floral collar, or doggy veil, Sally will be more than happy to fit it to your dog on arrival.

Dogs are a major part of people’s lives and if it just so happens to be the case for you, then Walkies At Weddings could be just the service you’re looking for. From having your dog watched, as you walk down the aisle to creating cherished memories as you pose for wedding photos with your favourite furry family member, Walkies At Weddings can help. What’s more, our dog-friendly wedding venue can make it happen for you. For more information contact Sally at Walkies at Weddings!

Keep the kids entertained on your big day!

When it comes to bride dilemmas, entertaining children is probably up there with the likes of keeping both families happy. A number of couples planning their big day with little ones on the guest list panic that children will either get bored and drive their parents crazy or worse still, cause havoc on the day itself. There is however, a few things you can do to ensure the kids are not only entertained but keeping themselves out of trouble, ensuring the stress-free wedding you always envisaged.

Kids go crazy for some fun and frolics while you say “I do”


Outdoor games (weather dependent) – as is the case with a lot of things here in the UK, providing outdoor games can often be weather dependent however, if you’re lucky enough to marry on a dry (and not so cold) day, you may want to consider a few outdoor games for the youngsters to enjoy. Old games such as lawn bowling, Twister, giant Jenga, chess and Connect4 will help to keep the children entertained for hours on end.

Image Credit – Pixabay


Reception entertainment – if the weather isn’t your friend and let’s face it, in the UK that happens a lot, then why not set up some games inside. Jigsaws, board games like Hungry Hippo and Operation. These help children to mingle and make friends although be warned, introducing these sort of games can often tempt the “bigger kids” on your guest list to wander toward the games area too.

Image credit: Pixabay


Arts and crafts – if there’s one thing that all children love to do, it’s create and make things. Therefore creating an arts and crafts area could be the best decision you make for your entire wedding (other than selecting That Amazing Place as your venue of course). You could even set up wedding inspired themes like cake decorating, wedding dress designing and even card making for the bride and groom.

Image credit: Pixabay


Kids table – this happens to be a tradition that’s actually quite big in the states already. If there are a number of children who are all around the same age, then make it more fun for them during the wedding breakfast by creating a kids only table. Let them have their own fun during the dining portion of the wedding and even set them out a particular child friendly menu too. You could even consider hiring a child-minder or children’s entertainer to watch over them while they eat.

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Kids photo booth – ask any adult and they’ll no doubt tell you how much they love a little photo booth fun. Children are no different! To keep them entertained, and stop them taking all the fun away from the adults of course, it’s always a great idea to hire a child specific photo booth too. This way, the children get to enjoy photo booth fun for as long as they want to.


Image credit:


Sweet treats – last but most certainly not least, we suggest you have to hand a few sweet treats. From goody bags to a table of pick and mix, it’s the perfect way to keep the children happy, albeit full of energy, but happy, nonetheless.

Image credit:


We hope these suggestions have given you a little food for thought when it comes to preparing for the smaller guests on your list, after all, we were all kids once.

The Do’s & Don’ts For The Perfect Marriage Proposal

Image Source: Pixabay


As you can imagine, here at That Amazing Place, we tend to hear a variety of marriage proposal stories. No one is ever the same as the other. While more than one may take place in a restaurant, there’s always a different story behind each one and that’s what we love the most. Now of course, there’s no wrong way to ask the person you love to marry you but there are a few do’s and don’ts you might want to stick to. So here are our top tips to ensure your proposal goes off without a hitch…or with a hitch…whichever way you look at it.

DO make it mean something

You may not be the most sentimental of people but if ever there were a time for getting sentimental, this would be it. Think back to all those big moments throughout your relationship, whether they’re super funny moments or super romantic, and revisit them. Go back to the place you first kissed, the place you first said those special three words or even the place you first set eyes on each other. It’ll make your special day even more so.


DON’T try to be trendy

We know that proposing at the latest restaurant in town would of course be a great story to tell but would it be “your” story? More to the point, will today’s hotspot be tomorrow’s old news? We think so. Choosing that special place to ask the most important question of your life should be less about what’s hot and more about where’s important to you. If you don’t have a special place where you’d like to pop the question then why not choose somewhere such as a historical monument where you’ll always be able to return to?


DO consider whether it should be private or public

While some may want the spotlight when you propose, others may simply want a personal proposal. A great example of this would be my very own proposal, in the private surroundings of my own home, just the two of us. It was quite simply – perfect! Friends however, have preferred the tropical surroundings of the beach or in front of friends and family. It’s all down to personal preference but is a hugely important factor to consider.


DON’T let the cat out the bag

The more friends and family know, the more chance you have of your special someone finding out so try to keep things as quiet as possible. Ensure people know only what they need to know and not necessarily what they want to know.


DO ensure you know where she’s coming from

We mean this in the literal sense guys. So, if you’re planning to propose, make sure you know if she’s coming straight from the gym. Think about things. Would she prefer to have a shower first before you pop the question? Will everyone be waiting to jump out and shout surprise? Then you may want to choose a weekend day where she won’t feel so…sweaty perhaps?


DO share the news

Last but most certainly not least, make sure you share the news with those nearest and dearest to you. Call and visit both sets of parents before broadcasting your news all over social media too. Marriage means putting your family first so start as you mean to go on.


Image Source: Pixabay


The Benefits Of An Intimate Wedding

Many seem to think that the mere thought of an intimate wedding implies a lack of grandeur and luxury but here at That Amazing Place, we couldn’t disagree more. Some of our more memorable weddings have been those, taking place in the stunning setting of our grand manor house with only a small gathering of close friends and families to share the special moment. In fact, many couples are now choosing to keep things super simple with an intimate wedding, for fear of costs spiraling out of control. Intimate weddings have even been said to help ensure the marriage itself remains the focus of the day, as opposed to the party. So if you’re teetering on the edge of whether an intimate wedding is for you, you might want to check out just what we have to say below when it comes to the benefits associated with a smaller scale day.


Image Source: Pixabay

With a smaller, more intimate wedding (usually less than 50 guests), you’ll find your budget stretches that much further. This is perfect for those couples who want to enjoy complete luxury but may not have the funds to accommodate 100 plus attendees. Here at That Amazing Place, we offer an array of packages to suit the most intimate of weddings which means you not only have options in terms of guests and wedding size, but you also have options in terms of how much you wish to spend.


Image Source: Pixaby

Easier To Plan

It’s a simple fact that planning a wedding for a smaller amount of guests will of course be much easier. Now, we’re not saying it’s going to be totally stress-free because after all, a wedding is still a wedding. It’s safe to say however, that planning a wedding for a much smaller amount of guests won’t require the same level of preparation as a much larger wedding would. You may even find yourself on the receiving end of a few “whirlwind” dates, thanks to cancellations that require a quick turnaround.


Keep Things Informal

Photo by Scott Miller Photography

Intimate weddings also tend to suit couples who may not want the most formal of occasions. Having a smaller wedding can help ensure your big day is a much more relaxed affair and as such, the lead up to a more relaxed affair is often more relaxed too. You’ll find there are generally less expectations of a smaller wedding and couples are free to set their own agenda, so whether you’re after a hot buffet instead of a wedding breakfast or a sit-down meal, it’s all down to you to decide.


Photo by Expression Photography

Keep Things Super Personal

As we mentioned above, intimate weddings tend to be less formal. This also makes it much easier to keep your day super personal. Smaller weddings are much easier to keep unique and more about you. Always wanted to make your own invitations? Then you’ll find it much easier to do so with just 50 guests as opposed to 100 plus. Have fun with the flower arrangements, wedding favours and whatever else you want to try your hand at – better yet, enjoy a much smaller bill when you hand it over to some of our preferred suppliers.


Real Wedding Blog – Ashlee and Leigh (December 2016)

As you know, here at That Amazing Place, we’re a fan of sharing real wedding stories that have taken place right here.

Photo Credit – Im-Art Weddings

Today we’re looking at the beautiful day of Ashlee and Leigh.  Meeting back in 2010, working within the property market, Ashlee and Leigh were lucky enough to become friends before it blossomed into a full blown romance, and as we all witnessed here at TAP, love truly was all around when it came to this pair. As Ashlee puts it herself, “there was no avoiding the chemistry.” After a whirlwind romance, an engagement took place, which is where their story takes off…


The Venue

Upon asking just what it was that led them to choosing That Amazing Place as the venue of their big day, Ashlee explains it was love at first sight, “We fell in love with the venue the moment we arrived, not simply because of how beautiful it looked but because it was evidently the perfect size and style to host our intimate DIY wedding”. Both Ashlee and Leigh are very close to their families and as a result, wanted to make it a real family celebration. They loved the fact that they could hire the venue exclusively for the night. This made it, “so much more personal” but that’s not all. They were also very much drawn to the fact that our Essex wedding venue allowed them the freedom to design their whole wedding from scratch. As Ashlee explained, “Being complete perfectionists and very particular, we wanted to create every last touch ourselves and That Amazing Place allowed us to do this.”

Photo Credit – Im-Art Weddings

Theme and Colours

Despite their wedding being just two days before Christmas, they didn’t want a Christmas themed wedding and instead opted for a metallic theme. Ashlee and Leigh decorated the rooms themselves with kilner jars, sprayed rose gold and silver as centrepieces. They also created ‘Mr & Mrs’ signs along with a ‘#TheMelletts’ to fit in with the metallic theme too. Hundreds of petals were sprayed rose gold and were used down the aisle. Glittery feather nametags, sequin table runners, frames and candlesticks were all bought, and adjusted in some cases, in order to fit in with the theme. They even sourced huge balloons, ensuring they matched perfectly, before the fabulous Belles Balloons came to inflate them. Another real unique touch happened to be the rose gold prosecco favours. Straws were bought and tags designed, all ensuring the metallic theme ran perfectly throughout.

Photo Credit – Im-Art Weddings

Photo Credit – Im-Art Weddings

The Cake and Flowers

Bunty’s Cakes took care of their wedding cake with a vanilla, lemon and chocolate masterpiece. Ashlee couldn’t recommend them enough after telling Joanna at Bunty’s Cakes exactly what she wanted, and receiving just that. From a design drawing to actually bringing it to life, their wedding cake was a real feature on the day. Flowers by Danielle were on hand to please the perfectionist that was Ashlee by sourcing the exact flower in the exact shade (ivories, nudes, rose golds and greys to match their theme of course). Her dream bouquet along with bridesmaid bouquets, buttonholes and corsages were all created beautifully.

Photo Credit – Im-Art Weddings

Photo Credit – Im-Art Weddings


The Dress

From the outset, Ashlee knew she didn’t want to walk the traditional path when it came to her dress. She soon discovered however that she had a love for an Israeli designer by the name of Naama Anat and subsequently wore one of her unique and ornate creations. Luckily, instead of booking flights to Tel Aviv, a UK stockiest was found. She was even able to adjust the dress she fell in love with, making it even more special. Nothing about this dress was “off the rack”.

Photo Credit – Im-Art Weddings


Ashlee and Leigh’s day here at That Amazing Place was a contemporary masterpiece. It was beautiful every which way you turned and the bride and groom themselves, just fantastic. We couldn’t have been more pleased to welcome them on their special day and watch them leave as man and wife.